Our Teams

Many congratulations to our Ladies 1st team (Division 7), Mixed 2nd team (Division 6) and Men’s 4th team (Division24) who all finished top of their leagues and gained promotion.

The results for the rest of our teams were as follows:

Men’s 1st – Division 7 – 6th, Men’s 2nd – Division 11 – 5th, Men’s 3rd – Division 16 – 5th, Ladies 2nd – Division 17 – 4th,  Ladies 3rd – Division 16 – 5th, Ladies 4th – Division 21 – 4th, Ladies Midweek – Division 10 –  5th, Mixed 1st – Division 4 – 3rd, Mixed 3rd – Division 8 – 4th

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Autumn leaves

It’s that time of the year again! The leaves have already started to fall and we need everyone to help keep the courts clear. Remember it is your responsibility to make sure the courts are in good condition before you play. Brooms are available in the tea room / veranda and black sacks are in the cupboard below where the balls are kept. When you sweep them up, please bag them and put them by the bin in the car park – if they are left in piles they just blow around again. Better still put the leaves on your compost heap at home or drop them off down the road at the rubbish dump – sorry, Purley Oaks Household Reuse and Recycling Centre. Mark Love also has a leaf blower if you are competent and able to use it. It is in the shed and the key is in the ball cupboard.

Welfare Officer

We are pleased to announce that Kelly Rowland will be taking over from Ali Horsford as Welfare Officer once she has completed the LTA Training Course later this month. Kelly and her husband Clive have been members of Purley Bury for many years. She has two children who also play at the Club and those of you who come down for the Junior Session on Fridays will know her and her family well, especially for their contribution to the operation of the bar. Our Welfare Officer  is the person to go to if you have any concerns about safeguarding, diversity and inclusion issues, and more generally anything that affects the welfare of members at the Club. You will find contact details for Kelly on the Notice Board in the Tea Room once she takes over the role. Many thanks to Ali for carrying out this role for the last few years.

Your Club Needs You

Our Club is run by the members for the members, and we need everyone to contribute what they can when they can. At the moment, we need more people to to help organise and carry out the routine maintenance at the club. Many hands make light work, and at the moment we are too dependent on a small number of members, and our Chairman in particular. Even on the occasions where we employ a specialist contractor to carry out maintenance, someone has to find a suitable contractor, provide access and ensure the work has been completed satisfactorily e.g. work on the trees. This job would be much easier if a small group of helpers came together to plan and arrange the general upkeep – are you prepared to help? Please make contact to outline what you can help with to or speak to Michael Vaughan.

We also need more people to take a turn behind the bar. We all enjoy the social side of the club, and it is unfair that a small number of people spend a disproportionate amount of their time serving other members, so please help out when you can. You don’t need to commit to a shift, just take the training and step in to help when people first come in. If you are prepared to help serve drinks or open / lock up, please contact Robbie at

Just to give you an idea of what has been going on at the Club since we became a Registered Charity in December last year, the Team that manage and run the Club have had to work even harder to exploit the opportunities our new status gives us, and ensure that every member can enjoy the benefits that the Club has to offer. The Trustees of the Charity – Michael, Geoff, Mark, John and Sarah, are all involved in different aspects behind the scenes that ensure the club complies with regulations and legal matters, meets the Venue requirements of the LTA, is properly insured, maintains Health and Safety Risk Assessments and fulfils its obligations under the terms of our lease. At the start of the New Year, the Bar was separated from the Tennis Club Charity by requirement of the Charity Commission rules. Robbie took on the management of the Bar and has significantly improved stock controls, increased the number of private events, and improved the contribution that the bar makes to the profitability of the Tennis Club. This separation means that Geoff now has to run two sets of accounts, and reports to both HMRC and the Charities Commission. Michael continues to work on behalf of the Tennis Club, the Bowls Club and the Croquet Club in an attempt to get the very best deal under the new lease, which is due to be signed very soon. His workload has also been increased by his personal commitment to fundraising and grant sourcing on our behalf to provide funds for new LED lights and courts resurfacing, as well as securing funds for disabled tennis coaching. With an increase in memberships of more than 11%, all Team Members are having to work harder on administration and accountability. Everybody in the Management Team also works in ‘front of house’ pulling pints behind the bar, editing the Newsletter or working on the flower baskets and gardens. Supporting the Management Team, we have Amy, the Club Captain, who arranges the Club Tournaments, the teams and our Dinner Dances, Chris Kennedy, who runs the website, Martin Hopgood, who sends out Newsletters and maintains the Club’s records, as well as a number of members that kindly help behind the bar and on working party days to keep the grounds looking good and functional. We are a successful and growing Club, but we need everyone’s help to keep it that way. The replacement of the courts and lights is a major undertaking and essential to the future success of the Club. It will not be viable unless we keep the rest of the Club running efficiently.

Suggestions, comments

If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or views about matters at the Club, please email them to where they will be considered by the Management Team or speak to a member of the Management Team.