Join the Management Team

Currently, we have vacancies on the Management Team for a Marketing Manager, a Maintenance Manager and a Social Event Co-ordinator. Also, under our constitution as a charity, all trustees are required to stand down before the first AGM which is scheduled for 2000hrs, Wednesday, 20 February, 2019, and seek reelection if they wish. Our current Trustees are Michael Vaughan, Geoff Green, John Davey, Mark Love and Sarah Wilson. Whilst all plan to stand again, and they all look incredibly youthful, the combined age of our Chair, Secretary and Treasurer is in excess of 200 years, with Sarah and Mark as two young whippersnappers. It is essential that new members join the Management Team, and potentially become Trustees – we can have up to 12 – to sustain the progress the Club has made under the current stewardship. Nominations to join the Management Team are invited for all roles. A proposer and Seconder and the Agreement of the Candidate must be provided by email (individually) to or by filling in a form available from the bar. Candidates must be members of the Tennis Club and over 18 years of age

Fund raising for the Purley Bury Tennis Club Charity

 Your Purley Bury Tennis Club is a Charity. Many of you are kindly disposed to fundraising – if you would like to help the club provide professional coaching for disabled people, why not arrange a coffee morning, a tournament event, a race night or a special event and donate the proceeds through Your funds can be wholly pledged to support the disabled coaching, which will help expand the number of disabled players benefitting from the game that we all enjoy so much.

You can also donate when you buy from Amazon, without it costing you anything at all. Instead of entering through the usual website, just enter and nominate Purley Bury Tennis Club as your charity – .5% of the cost of your items will be automatically donated to the club. Nothing changes with the history; you can still see all your previous information on the original site. Three members are now signed up to Thank you for your support.

New Year’s Day Tennis for all.

Heads up! Early Notice – there will be tennis on New Year’s Day, Tuesday, 1st January, 2019, for those of you looking to run off the festivities from the night before. There will be the opportunity to play commencing at 11 am. Please make a note in that new diary, and come down for a couple of hours of fun. Further details will follow in December.

Adult Coaching

Rusty Rackets continues to be popular on a Monday night from 8.30pm-9.30pm. Please let your friends know about this course if they are looking to get back into tennis.

Friday mornings continue to run from 9am-10.30am and is a pay as you go – £10. Please let Mark Love know if you wish to come along and this is aimed at players who attend club sessions.

The MDL coaching team at PBTC is comprised of Mark Love (Head Coach), Brendan Wiseglass, Steph Todd, Chris Watson and Danielle Hayter. If you wish to book a lesson please find their details in the club house notice board.


Purley Bury Junior Christmas Party will take place on Friday, 14th December, from 5pm-7pm. Details to follow.

There will be a Festive MDL Christmas Eve Fun Day for juniors from 9am-1pm at the club. Please see website for more details.


We are delighted to confirm that Kelly Rowland has taken over as Welfare Officer

We have also published our Diversity and Inclusion Policy on the website and the notice board in the kitchen. At our club, we strive to provide a safe, enjoyable and inclusive environment for all of our members to play tennis. We contribute actively to enable more people to play tennis more often. This applies regardless of a person’s age, disability, gender reassignment status, sex, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, sexual orientation, religion, race, socio-economic status or any other background. All our policies, including Safeguarding, can be found on our website @  Please do not hesitate to consult Kelly if you have any concerns.

Privacy Policy

We have now had two instances where a member of a rota has used the circulation list for purposes other than the rota, albeit for good causes. Please remember that when you opt into the rota you are agreeing to your contact details being shared with other members of the rota and undertaking only to use the contact details you receive for private personal communications about the rota, and not to share the details with anyone outside the rota. When you do use the circulation list to contact other members about the rota please make sure you do not use out of date lists which include people no longer on the rota or who have left the club.

Summary of Management Board Meeting – 22 October, 2018

PBTC Social Ltd – Bar receipts for the first 3 quarters were £19k against a full year forecast of £22k which was very encouraging. Expenditure was £2.6k against a full year forecast of £6.4k largely due to the fact the refurbishment budgeted at £3k had yet to take place. This was likely to commence in the final quarter of the year. The Board thanked Robbie for his excellent management of the bar.

Michael had procured a new safe for the bar and a new vacuum cleaner to be kept in the bar.

Robbie took an action to speak to Steve Cooke of the Bowls Club about their arrangements for recycling, especially as there were issues with our current contractor.

PBTC – The operating surplus was £23.5k against a full year forecast of £20.5k. Income from subscriptions was £26.4k against a stretch target of £28k, which was a creditable performance

The need for more support from members for the work of the Management Team was discussed. It was agreed to draw up a list of tasks, large and small, one off and recurring, so that members could be encourage to help the club where they could. The vacancies for a Maintenance Manager, a Social Co-ordinator and a Marketing Manager needed to be filled as a matter of urgency.

Thanks to Michael’s efforts, £500 of sponsorship had been received from Streeter Marshall and a £500 grant was received from the Dan Maskell Trust.

The work on the new lease was largely complete with signature by the Tennis, Bowls and Croquet Club likely in November 2018. This had been a tortuous and exhausting process, but the outcome would give the Club security of tenure for 21 years. The Board thanked Michael for his dogged determination to achieve a successful outcome. Once the lease has been signed, the Consultant, Lee West, would be engaged to progress the replacement of the floodlights

A letter had been sent to 9 neighbours seeking their support and requesting a small financial contribution towards the cost of reducing the size of the trees by about one third. Some concerns had been expressed by one member about the approach that had been adopted, but they had still been supportive. 3 neighbours had agreed to support the project. The letters would need to be followed up with the neighbours to see if more would come on board. The work may need to be carried out in two stages. Tennis would have to be suspended while the work was done.

The new practice wall was virtually complete and a dedication ceremony and event would be arranged. South Corydon Tennis Club had made a donation of £30 to our Club and taken the old wall away.

Two lights on the path had been replaced. A VERY HOT WATER sign had been posted by the sink in the kitchen. The leaking tap in the gent’s toilet has been fixed.

The Winter Tennis for All poster had been put on the website and would be posted on the notice boards at the club and locally.

One Restricted Member had expressed some concern about the category of membership being withdrawn. The Board hoped they would see the benefits of Full Membership in the coming months

Bar Hire

Any member can book the Club’s bar for private parties / functions on a Saturday or Sunday.

Enquires about availability / cost should be directed to Robbie Watt (

Dates for your diary

Friday 14th December from 5pm-7pm – Purley Bury Junior Christmas Party

Monday 24 December from 9am-1pm – Christmas Eve Fun Day for juniors

Tuesday, 1st January 2019 at 11am – Club Play for Adult Members

Wednesday 20 February 2019 8pm – AGM

Final request – if you have a compost heap or a brown garden waste bin, please take a couple of black sacks of leaves to help those that have swept them up and to keep the car park clear. If the sweepers didn’t pick them up, you wouldn’t be able to see the courts to play! Return the empty bags to the cleaning cupboard in the tea room. Thank you.