Press Release – Viridor Credits sponsor floodlights

Press Release                                                                                       

16thSeptember 2019

Purley Bury Tennis Club floodlights upgrade supported by Viridor Credits

The local community and members of Purley Bury Tennis Club Charity number 1176144 are celebrating the imminent start of works to upgrade their old Tungsten Halide floodlights to new environmentally friendly LEDs, following confirmation of a grant from Viridor Credits Environmental Company. 

The Trustees of the Purley Bury Tennis Club Charity are very pleased to announce that Viridor Credits Environmental Company has provided substantial grant funding, enabling the Club to replace their very old Tungsten Halide floodlights with new, state of the art, energy saving LED floodlights. Chairman of the Trustees, Michael Vaughan, said that the replacement LEDs will provide fantastic opportunities for more people to play tennis more often. “We already have many keen players using our courts in the evening, but this grant will ensure that our regulars – including our Friday evening disabled LTA Coached sessions, which are provided free to all disabled players from the community regardless of their age or ability – will be able to continue well into the future. The added bonus of the Viridor Credits grant is that the power savings, so important for the environment and the future of the planet, will also save the Charity electricity costs every year for the life of the lights. In essence, the Viridor Credits grant will just keep giving, probably more than £2,000 annually for as much as fifteen years”. Head Coach, Mark Love of MDL Coaching, is delighted at the news and said “With reliable new lights and hugely reduced costs, we expect to be able to add further floodlit sessions, including those designed to help older people from 65 upwards, to start fitness programmes and maintain them through playing tennis. Tennis fights heart disease, obesity, and dementia and brings social benefits as well as physical exercise”.

Purley Bury Tennis Club was established in 1911 and became a Registered Charity in December, 2017. The Club is run entirely by volunteers and provides sessions for senior men and ladies, tots and juniors, disabled players, including those with wheelchairs and has opportunities for team players and people of all skill levels to play and enjoy as much tennis as they would like to.

The Trustees are very grateful to Viridor Credits Environmental Company for their Community contributions, which – in Purley Bury Tennis Club’s case – will make an enormous and positive difference to thousands of people’s lives over the next 15 years. Considerable partner funding has also been provided by Sport England, which will add sustainable and long term benefits for every player that visits the club to play tennis.

Purley Bury Tennis Club expects to host a celebration party under the new LED floodlights on Friday, 29thNovember, 2019. Everybody is welcome to come along and join the grant providers and club sponsors, as well as the members, associates, supporters, family and friends to see the difference that the lights will make and to celebrate the opening of the best tennis facilities in the area.

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Purley Bury Tennis Club is a registered charity number 1176144

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