Your Purley Bury Newsletter – August 2019



We are pleased to announce that planning permission has been granted for the replacement of the floodlights. We can now get down to the nitty gritty of letting contracts and agreeing start dates.

BRAVE THE SHAVE 8.30pm Monday 12 August in the Clubhouse

DONT FORGET Huw Griffiths is preparing to Brave the Shave in aid of Macmillan Cancer Sup- port at 8.30pm on Monday 12 August in the Clubhouse. For every £5 that you sponsor him, he will donate £1 of his own money to the Disabled Tennis Section.

Come along on the night to support him/watch a grown man wave goodbye to his luscious locks! The bar will be open, the shaver will be buzzing, the banter will be flowing and hopefully, Huw will raise a whole heap of money for two very worthy causes—because, like him, they’re worth it!

Failing that you can sponsor him on line at:

Club Tournament 2019

What a great weekend we had for the Junior and Senior finals of our Club Tournament on 6-7 July.

Thank you to all those who to umpired, helped behind the bar, ran the BBQ, made cakes, served tea, tidied up the grounds and did a million other things to make the day a success. Special thanks to Amy who made it all happen. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who participated.

You will find all the results Bury-Results-2019PDF.pdf

and pictures of the winners Day-Photos-2019PDF.pdf

Also, congratulations to Ben Watt who was awarded the Wendy Webb Trophy for the best contribu- tion to the Club by a Junior Member.

Welcome to new senior members

We have had a number of new members join the Club since 1st June. We are delighted to welcome Tony Camacho, Chris Luala, Richard Sibley, Egon Bluemel, Bob Jones and Paul Hubbard to the club.

Hopefully, you will meet them playing socially on Sunday mornings, competing in Saturday singles or taking part in Monday or Thursday rota sessions. If any member, including those that have joined recently, wish to play in the rota sessions regularly or just as a reserve, please contact:
Monday rota – Chris Baker

Thursday rota – John Brotherhood j.brotherhood@btopenworld.comSocial Co-ordinator

We are pleased to welcome Alison Brown to our Management Team as Social Co-ordinator. She will be responsible for supporting members who organise events for us and organising a social pro- gramme. She is very open to suggestions for future events, especially from members who are will- ing to help organise them! High on her agenda will be a grand opening event when the courts and floodlights have been replaced.

Dinner Dance Saturday 14th September

Dont forget our annual dinner dance is booked for Saturday 14th September at Purley Downs Golf club. Ticket cost is £40pp to include reception drink, 3 course meal, coffee and dancing!
Book a table/purchase your tickets by emailing All payments need to be paid via BACs to Purley Bury Tennis Club account – Sort Code 208813 Account number 03184153. Please confirm via email once payment has been made. Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis as there is limited availability so please book ASAP.

Pam’s Quiz Night Saturday 28th September.

Our next Quiz Night will be held on Saturday 28 September. The bar will be open from 7pm and the quiz will start at 7.30pm. The total cost will be £9 each including fish and chips (£6) which will be available to order. There will be 6 people per team and only 1 person in the team needs to be a member so do invite your friends

If you’d like to take part please email Pam at Update

You will see in the coming weeks that the bar is being refurbished. We will be having an additional pair of double doors installed in place of one of the windows which will improve the ambience of the bar during the summer and give us the opportunity to improve the disabled access. The furniture and the upholstery will be repaired or replaced, the radiators will be replaced , and the decoration freshened up.

We do need more people to sign up for the bar rota. At the moment members take advantage of a small core of helpers, and it would be great to be able to draw on a larger group of people. If you are willing to give it a go have a chat with Robbie.

Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

Your Board are committed to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of members and everyone who visits the club and uses its facilities. To this end we have produced a Health and Safety Policy and Procedures. document which you will find on the website http://purleyburyten-

Please familiarise yourselves with its contents.

The Board has decided to appoint a Health and Safety Officer. Initially this will be John Davey, who has done much of the work to set up our existing Health and Safety arrangements, but it is also a great opportunity for someone to join the management team and take on a specific role. If you have any Health and Safety issues please speak to John or he can be contacted

Of course, we are all responsible for Health and Safety, not just the Health and Safety Officer. Therefore we would draw to your attention your responsibilities as members:

  • Take reasonable care for your own health and safety and comply with all safety procedures ad- vertised by the Club
  • Ensure the courts are fit for play and free from debris before starting playing. Extra care should be taken when the courts are wet, and they should not be used if they are icy.
  • Consider the safety of other persons who may be affected by your acts or omissions
  • Ensure that any guests or visitors you invite on to the Club’s premises are made aware of their responsibilities towards health and safety
  • Exercise full control and supervision for any children. under the age of 16. The parent/carer must take responsibility for ensuring the courts are fit for play and the safety of the child whilst on Club premises outside of organised coaching sessions.
  • Refrain from intentionally misusing or recklessly interfering with anything that has been provided for health and safety reasons
  • Report any hazards or potential hazards in premises and equipment, or shortcomings in the existing safety arrangements, to the Health and Safety Officer without delay
  • Do not undertake any activity for which authorisation has not been given
  • Check electrical equipment is in good condition before using and report any faults

Lastly a plea

Every year we have to clean the outdoor tables and chairs to remove the dirt from the trees and the birds. It would help keep them clean during the year if members could make sure they leave any chairs and tables they use under the veranda and return any they remove from the veranda when they have finished using them. That way they will be clean for the next user. Thank you.

Dates for your diary

Monday 12 August – Brave the shave fundraising 8.30pm at the Club Saturday 14 September – Grand Summer Ball at Purley Downs Golf Club Saturday 28 September – Quiz Night 7 for 7.30pm


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