Your Purley Bury Newsletter – July 2019


Chairman’s Fund Raising in 2019 at Purley Bury Tennis Club

At this year’s AGM, our Chairman, Michael Vaughan, made a personal commitment to raise an unlikely total of £50,000 in grants for the club, to help fund the replacement of the floodlights and the courts and our coaching for disabled players. The Management Board is delighted to advise you that he has managed to raise confirmed grant funding for the Club amounting to an astonishing total of:

£95,509  between 1st January and 30th June, 2019!

He is working on a further £5,000 to take us to 6 figures before the year ends…..

Grant funding – pledges towards new LED floodlights and reinstatement of the courts

Firm pledges have been secured towards our new LED’s and the necessary courts reinstatement that will follow the lights upgrade, as follows:.

£50,000 from Sport England

£37,890 from Viridor, a waste recycling company

This amounts to an amazing £87,890 towards our project costs, which are likely to be in the region of £140,000!


Grant funding received towards Free Tennis Coaching for disabled people

Meanwhile, Michaels’s efforts earlier in the year have also culminated in the following financial donations to the club, which were received at the bank in June.

14th June – £3,500 from the Childwick Trust

15th June – £181 from the Waitrose Community Fund

18th June – £2,000 from Croydon Council Community Fund 

This means a total of £5,732.14 has been set aside to fund free tennis coaching for disabled people, regardless of age or ability. The Club is grateful to MDL Coaching for the fantastic service it provides setting up the coaching and running the sessions. A huge THANK YOUis owed to the many volunteers that support the coaches every Friday between 6.30 and 7.30 pm – please let Mark Love know if you would like to join the volunteer team.

easyfundraising and

This has been a less fruitful avenue for raising money as only two people have chosen to make our Club their chosen Charity, one of whom was Michael himself. Obviously it would help if more of us signed up if we are not already committed to other charities.

6th June –    £5  – Donation, Michael Vaughan.

10th June – easyfundraising   £41.14 – Donations from  David Barden   .22p Michael Vaughan     £40.92

10th June – £5  – Donations from Michael Vaughan’s Amazon buys

The benefits from easyfundraising and were derived from Michael setting up cashback donations by purchasing online through the relevant websites. If you wish to donate to the Club at no cost to yourself, you can purchase items from Amazon by entering and clicking on Purley Bury Tennis Club as your selected charity. This will attract a donation of 0.5% of your purchases to Purley Bury Tennis Club Charity.

For donations from easyfundraising, the amounts vary with the items purchased and the suppliers, just enter and click on ‘Activate Donation’ to support the Club.


Thanks to Michael

We are all hugely indebted to Michael for the leadership and commitment he has shown to secure these grants for our club. This has involved a vast amount of work to find grant providers and fill in the grant application forms, not just to tick the boxes but to develop persuasive reasoning why the grants should be given to us in preference to the many other applicants. The grants we will receive are just rewards for his effort, and we wish him well in his continued efforts to reach the magic six figures, £100,000, to which we know he aspires – he is truly an inspiration to us all.

Grounds working party 22 June

Fourteen enthusiastic volunteers turned out on Saturday 22 June to tidy the grounds of our tennis club in preparation for Finals Day. Hedges and grass areas were cut, flower beds weeded, gutters cleared and a full sweep and tidy of the decking, all pathways and the car park. It was a mammoth task but the results are worth the effort put in by all.

Thank you so much to all who came down to help.

Breakpoint 2019 – a brilliant fundraiser enjoyed by all!

On Friday, 21st June, Mark Love led the many people attending in their support of Robyn Moore, who is raising money for TheBrightIdeasForTennis Breakpoint 2109. Robyn has PTSD and has been working unbelievably hard to raise funds for people with mental health conditions. Her target was to hit 200,000 balls a distance of 5 million metres (one metre for every young person with a mental health condition in the UK) by travelling to 47 venues around the country in an effort to raise funds.

The afternoon at Purley Bury was a great success with Robyn hitting balls, junior coaching taking place, a very full disabled session between 6.30 and 7.30 pm, supported as always by many older junior volunteers and some senior members and parents. Stewart kindly cooked burgers and hot dogs on the barbecue, selling everything he had. Alison ran a cash raffle, which raised £61.60 and Mark donated the proceeds from coaching, which amounted to £111 for the fundraising session held in the afternoon. The Tennis Club Charity donated a further £127.40 from our disabled tennis funds to make a total donation of £300.

Robyn has now completed her tour and has so far raised £30,000! If you would like to support her with a small donation – and many thanks to those of you that have donated personally providing additional Gift Aid – please go towww.breakpoint2019and click on ‘Donate Now’. It’s a great cause and Robyn deserves to be supported after such an incredible effort.

Thanks to everybody that helped out at the Breakpoint event at PBTC – Mark and Danielle and all the coaching support volunteers, Kelly and Clive, Val and Pete on the bar, Stewart on the BBQ, Alison on the raffle and advertising posters, plus the many behind the scenes too numerous to mention. It was a great afternoon and very worthwhile!


New Club Sponsor – Kings Mill Partnership

The Management Board are delighted to introduce a new Club sponsor – local Accountancy and Business Advisory Firm, Kings Mill Partnership. KMP have been highly recommended to us and we look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.

KMP is a leading Chartered Accountancy and Business Advisory firm in Croydon Surrey providing a quality and bespoke accountancy and tax services to our clients.

Kings Mill Accountants maintain business and personal confidence in your affairs by offering professional and specialist advice in areas such as Tax Services, Audit, Financial Planning, Accounts, Corporate Finance, Business Start Ups, Payroll Services, VAT and Bookkeeping, giving you the time to manage your business effectively.

Partners Priyesh Shavdia and Laura Dutton will be happy to respond to enquiries. We understand that members of the team at KMP are keen tennis players, we hope to welcome them on court soon!

Kings Mill Partnership
Chartered Accountants
75 Park Lane

Tel: 020 8686 7942

Fax: 020 8667 0909

Dates for your Diary

2019 Tournament

Saturday, 6th July – Junior Finals Day

Sunday, 7th July – Senior Finals Day

Saturday, 14th September – Grand Summer Ball at Purley Downs Golf Club.


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