Work on Trees Monday 2 March – Saturday 7 March 2020


Our contractor will be starting work on Monday 2 March to substantially reduce the height of the trees behind the Clubhouse. This will reduce the volume of leaves and sap which fall on the courts and the increased light will also inhibit the growth of moss and lichen. The work should be completed on Saturday 7 March 2020.

The debris will be stored in the car park which will be closed and Members should access the club via the Purley Bury Avenue entrance. If you have a use for any of the logs you will be more than welcome to take them.

Our contractor has advised us that it will still be safe to use the courts while the work is being carried out, so it will be ‘Tennis as usual’. However, Members are advised to take account of the work in progress when entering the club, and if there is any likelihood of debris falling on an entrance path to use a safe alternative. Similarly, although we do not expect any debris to fall on the courts, if there appears to be any likelihood of this happening, the courts should not be used. Any debris which has fallen on the courts should be removed before playing.

Lastly, there will be no broadband service at the club for the duration of the works as the cable has had to be disconnected for safety reasons

Your Purley Bury Management Board