2021 Tournament Draw






The draw shoud be self explanatory and if you lose your first match you will automatially be entered into the plate tournament. Due to the number of entrants this year, there are potentially two extra plate places available for a player losing their second match.

There are a lot of matches to be played before finals day on 18 July so we urge you to be pro-active when arranging your fixtures. Please note that, If matches cannot be arranged within a reasonable time frame, the tournament committee will have the right to simply declare a result.
The format for all matches in this year’s tournaments will be two full sets (standard first to 7 tie-breaks if a set is tied at 6-6). If match tied at one set apiece, the winner will be determined by a championship tie-break (first to 10).
So we can update the draw on a regular basis, please ensure you let us know the outcome of any matches played as soon as posible by emailing the result to pbtctournament@gmail.com.
As access to the clubhouse continues to be limited, unlike previous years you will not be able to book courts using sheets pinned to the notice board in the clubhouse. Instead you will need to use Clubspark. Remember that balls are NOT provided by the club for tournament matches except for the finals so you will need to bring your own or arrange to buy a tube from the club (£5). If playing in the evening, it will also be your responsibility to secure sufficient floodlght tokens (£3 per half hour). There are exceptions to this which are detailed below.
There are 92 tournament matches to be played over the next 10 weeks. With the ususal social sessions continuing, coaching sessions and league matches due to start in June, court availability is likely to be an issue at times. We are laising with the social rota sessions to make a court available during their sessions for tournament matches from June onwards. In the meantime, if you’d like a court made available for a tournament match during the following sessions, please contact the relevant session organiser:-
  • Tuesday evening (7:30pm to 10pm) – Mens match practice – Contact Chris Backway  – session cost £3pp (includes cost of lights and balls)
  • Wednesday evening (7:30pm to 10pm) – Ladies’ match practice – Contact Sarah Wilson  – session cost £3pp (includes cost of lights and balls)
  • Saturday afternoon (2pm to 5pm) – Saturday singles – Contact Robbie Watt  – session cost £2pp (includes cost of balls)
As we are keen to conclude as many first round matches as soon as possible, we did ask when entering to let us know your availability over the next two weekends. The intention was to arrange first round matches on your behalf but, as not everyone provided the information requested, it has proven too difficult to do this. Again we urge you to contact your opponent and arrange to play your matches as soon as possible.
The Tournament Committee