2024 AGM 8pm Wednesday 6 March 2024 in the Club House

This year’s AGM will be held at 8pm on Wednesday 6 March in the Clubhouse and we hope many of you will be able to join in.

If you are unable to attend, please feel free to submit any questions you may have or any views you wish to express via the Club email address mail@purleyburytennisclub.net and we will ensure they are taken into account.

You will find below the agenda, which includes:

  • Proposition for subscriptions
  • Proposition for Code of Conduct and Policy on Court Etiquette
  • Financial Policy and Procedures with new authorisation levels for expenditure
  • The accounts for 2023, the budget for 2024, the draft Trustees’ Report for 2023, the 2024/25 PBTC Plan, the Maintenance Plan and the minutes of the 2023 AGM.

We will also be holding votes on the propositions, the accounts, the budget and the reappointment of Trustees.

Your Purley Bury Management Board

AGM Agenda

1. Confirm meeting process and quoracy

2. Minutes of previous AGM.

3. Trustees’ Report – Robbie Watt

4. Captain’s Report – Nathan Ascott

5. Code of Conduct and Policy on Court Etiquette – David Stantiall

6Coach’s Report – Mark Love

7. Treasurer’s Report – David Stantiall

– Accounts for 2023 and budget for 2024

– Vote to accept the accounts

– Vote to approve Trustees Report

– Financial Policy and Procedures  – New authorisation levels for expenditure

8. Purley Bury Plan and Budget – David Stantiall and John Davey

– Budget and financial context

– Purley Bury Plan

9. Membership Secretary’s Report – Sarah Wilson

– Membership and subs received 2023/24

– Subs proposed for 2024/25 – see details below

10. Maintenance Co-ordinator’s Report – Katherine Willis

11. Bar Manager’s Report and Social – Robbie Watt and Nik Balzer

12. Approval of budget and Purley Bury Plan

13. Any other business

– Election of Trustees: Mark Love and Sarah Wilson

Membership Subscription Proposals 2023/24 – See attached

We propose to increase most subscription rates by up to 5% with the exception of Disability, Education, Intermediate Junior, Friends and Social Membership which are unchanged.

Financial Policy and Procedures  – New authorisation levels for expenditure http://purleyburytennisclub.net/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/2024-AGM-Financial-Policy-and-ProceduresPDF.pdf