PBTC Adult Club Tournament 2024 – Entry Details

We are pleased to confirm that the club will be running Senior and Junior tournaments this year.
More details to follow from MDL on the Junior tournament. The Senior Finals Day will be on Saturday 13th July. To enter, please send an email to pbtctournament@gmail.comTo participate you must have paid your subscription for the upcoming membership year. Please also do not enter the tournament if you will be unavailable on Finals Day. We will of course be showing the Wimbledon ladies’ singles final inside on the projector screen.

There will be the usual main events, with plate competitions running alongside each of them for anyone eliminated in the first rounds. Players will automatically be entered into the plate competitions so there will be an opportunity for everyone to play lots of tennis.

For the vets singles competitions, you must fit in that age bracket when you apply, so before the end of April. The vets finals will likely not be held on the same day as the other finals, because of scheduling difficulties.

The events are:-

· Ladies’ Singles

· Men’s Singles

· Ladies’ Doubles

· Men’s Doubles

· Mixed Doubles

· Men’s Vets Singles  (Over 45)

· Ladies’ Vets Singles (Over 45)

In all matches before the final, you and your opponent(s) can choose to agree to play a full 3rd set if you are level on 1 set each. You must have this discussion before the match starts and agree 3 full sets are preferred by both parties. If you cannot agree, the format will remain the same as in previous years where a championship tiebreak to 10 replaces the third set, so this should be seen as the default. Championship tiebreaks will also be used on Finals Day, so that all matches can be played within a limited schedule.

We will draw the tournament live at the clubhouse on Sunday 5th May and will make the draws available to all entrants digitally afterwards.

Tournament registration and match results will be submitted digitally (by email) as is the new norm. But the wall charts will also be up in the tea room once the competitions have started, so you can plot your route to the final.

To enter, please send an email to pbtctournament@gmail.com

There is no entry fee for any of the events but please note that THE CLUB DOES NOT PROVIDE BALLS FOR TOURNAMENT MATCHES other than the finals, so you will need to bring your own.

To participate you must have paid your subscription for the upcoming membership year. Please also do not enter the tournament if you will be unavailable on Finals Day – Saturday 13th July.

To be included in this year’s events, please send an email with the following information by midnight on Tuesday 30th April.

•    Name
•    Contact telephone number
•    Email address
•    Events you want to enter
•    If doubles events, please state your pre-arranged partner(s) or if you would like to be paired up by the tournament organisers. We will do our best to find partners for you where possible.

Some Junior players will be invited to take part in the Senior tournament where appropriate, and they will be contacted individually.

Details of the PBTC Junior Tournament will be sent out separately by Mark Love.

Enjoy your tennis,