IMPORTANT – Court restrictions in hot weather

Now that the work on our new courts is complete and some of the Government restrictions on playing have been removed we all want to get back to playing tennis again as much as possible and there a couple of things you need to take account of for your safety and the longevity of the courts.

Play in Hot Weather

For the first year, we need to take care how we use our courts in hot weather. Once the temperature is above 22C (71F) the macadam may soften especially in bright direct sunlight. The first sign of the problem is usually when black marks begin to appear as a result of the paint being rubbed or scuffed off. Therefore you should check the court both before and during play, and if there are any signs of distress the courts must not be used until they have cooled down

On the advice of our contractor, we have decided that the courts must not be used in any circumstances when the temperature is above 25C(77F). We have located thermometers on the veranda by the entrance to the bar and by the gate outside the tea room. You are also likely to have a weather App on your mobile phone which you can use to find out the ambient temperature, or you can access the BBC weather site and input our post code CR8 You should check the weather forecast before booking a court, and before playing to avoid disappointment. It will be cooler earlier in the day, and courts can be booked from 0900hrs. 

Please note that the temperature is forecast to be hot this week:

  • On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week the temperature is forecast to be over 25C between 1100 and 2000hrs so you must not play at those times if that is the case
  • On  Tuesday and Saturday the temperature is forecast to be over 22C between 1100 and 2000hrs so the courts will need to be carefully checked before and during play and must not be used if there are signs of melting

Softening is a phenomenon usually confined to the first season and thereafter for a year or two, the surface should be checked if very hot weather is experienced. 

It is in all our interests to maintain the courts in pristine condition and we do not want to unduly restrict their use especially in these difficult times, so we rely on you to make the best decision you can on the playability of the courts at the time.

Slippery Court Surface

A number of you have mentioned that new surface is more slippery when damp or wet than the old courts. We have raised this with the contractor, and it is almost certain to be a short lived problem due to oil seeping out of the paint. Once it has rained a few times the problem should go away, and there already seem to be signs of improvement, 

Meanwhile, please take extra care and make sure you wear appropriate tennis shoes with soles in good condition. If the problem persists please let us know

Enjoy your tennis

Your Purley Bury Management Team